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If you have decided to explore the solutions available to replace your missing teeth, Riverside Dental provides dental implant restoration for their patients in Grand Forks, Thompson, Manville, and Crookston. Dr. Amanda Vesterso is committed to delivering only the best results and works in conjunction with a top nearby oral surgeon.

Our Implant Restoration Options

To meet the unique needs of our patients, our dentist offers these replacement options:

  • Single Tooth Replacement – We provide high-quality natural-looking crowns to pair with individual implants.
  • Multiple Tooth Replacement – We offer implant supported bridges to replace rows of missing teeth, and dentures if you are missing most or all of your teeth.

Replacing missing teeth with dental implants provides superior stability. Compared with conventional alternatives like dentures, there is no risk of embarrassing slippage while eating, speaking, or smiling, and no need to alter healthy teeth.

How Dental Implants Workdental implants in Grand Forks

Dr. Vesterso can assess your eligibility for candidacy to receive dental implants. If you have sufficient bone volume to proceed, the first step is having the titanium posts placed into your jaw. During the healing period of several weeks, you are observed closely by our dentist. When the implants are ready to be topped with the suitable prosthetic, we take impressions of your new dental structures and any remaining adjacent teeth, to assure a proper and comfortable placement.

Dr. Vesterso also obtains your shade preference to create a uniform smile you can be proud of. We offer a choice of durable restoration materials which result in a natural-looking smile, and some can be crafted in one visit.

Patient-Oriented – Results Driven

Our dentist is meticulous and works diligently to deliver only the best in dental prosthetics. We value the commitment you have made to your oral health and are dedicated to helping you achieve the smile you deserve.

To replace one or more missing teeth with dental implant restorations, put yourself in good hands by calling Riverside Dental in Grand Forks. We provide the best options to renew your smile.



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