Comprehensive Family Dentistry in Grand Forks

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At Riverside Dental, we love families. That may have something to do with the way our dental professionals and staff interact with each other. By treating each other and our patients with respect, our Grand Forks dental offices have become a safe and comfortable place to receive treatment.

Grand Forks Children’s Dentists

The calm and relaxing environment that Dr. Amanda Vesterso  and Dr. Sarah Rehovsky has instilled, make our practice a stress-free place for children to have their first dental visit. We see children early to encourage a trusting bond that deters anxiety and fear. Our dentist's chairside manner and gentle touch wins the hearts of parents and kids alike.

Prevention and Educationfamily dentistry

We start kids off with fluoride treatments and sealants when necessary to ensure teeth stay healthy even before your child has mastered their oral hygiene routine. The correct ways to brush and floss, along with the importance healthy habits, are reviewed on a regular basis. We can detect cavities early for conservative treatment and offer a choice of filling materials.

The Dental Services Your Family Needs

From our youngest patients to senior citizens, we have the preventive and restorative treatments that keep your smile healthy and beautiful. If you wish to make aesthetic improvements, our wide range of cosmetic dentistry services can address any issue.

Straighter Teeth

Invisalign® clear braces can correct most cases of dental misalignment. Riverside Dental in Grand Forks offers all versions of Invisalign for teens and adults and even includes a teeth whitening treatment at the end of your treatment. Call us today to learn about our free consultation and flexible financing.