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Crowns-in-a-Day in Grand Forks, ND with CEREC

For over a decade, Dr. Amanda Vesterso has been helping patients maintain, improve, and restore their smiles. Now, with the help of CEREC®, she offers professionally shade-matched, natural-looking all-ceramic crowns-in-a day for our Grand Forks patients. Also serving, Thompson, Manville, and Crookston, Riverside Dental can repair a damaged tooth conveniently and effectively without sacrificing quality.

With CEREC®, our dentists can also provide other quality restorations such as same-day inlays, onlays, bridges, and dentures. This technology provides our patients with the convenience of shorter visits and improves patient experience by delivering restored smiles more efficiently.

Dental Restorations and CEREC®

Traditionally, the tooth restoration process can take several weeks. With CEREC®, we can mill your restoration in-house, and our patients can receive a customized restoration within a single visit. This innovative dental technology allows Dr. Vesterso to take digital impressions of your smile, capturing the unique contours of your teeth to create personalized restorations that meet your specific needs.

More about our CEREC® restoration options:

Crowns rebuild the visible portion of a tooth and provide protection after an injury, root canal therapy, or extensive decay. Crowns can last for decades with the proper care and look just like natural teeth.

Inlays & Onlays are an excellent choice when a conventional filling is not sufficient to restore the tooth, but there is enough structure remaining to make a crown unnecessary. 

Bridges use artificial teeth (a pontic) anchored by adjacent crowns to return function and restore a smile.

Crowns and bridges can also be supported by dental implants for a comprehensive tooth replacement solution.


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Dr. Vesterso is committed to providing effective and comfortable dental restorations for her patients. Same-day dental restorations leave patients with a functional, more beautiful smile in less time. Contact us today to meet with our compassionate dentist.

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